June 2023 Auction Declined

June 2023 has been declined because the clearing price did not meet the minimum price settings. As a result, there are no winning bids. All available units will be rolled over to the next auction, unless this auction is in the next calendar year.

Auction information

Auction nameJune 2023
Auction date14/06/2023
Units available4,475,000
Unsold units available from previous auctions4,475,000
CCR units available8,000,000
CCR trigger price$80.64
Total auction units16,950,000

Auction results

Clearing priceNot Applicable
Units sold0
Units unsold16,950,000
Cover ratio (excluding ccr units)0.34
Cover ratio (including ccr units)0.18
Number of participants17
Successful participants0
Number of bids110
Total units bid for3,058,200
Average units per bid27,801